FAW CA6DE2 CA6DE3 series Diesel Engine Assembly

FAW truck diesel engine CA6DE series are available, OEM quality. 

CA6DE2 CA6DE3 engine assembly

CA6DE3-16E3F 160HP 6.6L

CA6DE3-24E3F 240HP 6.6L

CA6DE3-22E3F 220HP 6.6L

CA6DE3-18E3F 180HP 6.6L

CA6DE3-22E3 220HP 6.6L

CA6DE3-24E3 240HP 6.6L

CA6DE3-18E3 180HP 6.6L

CA6DE2-16 117KW 2300RPM

CA6DE2-18 132KW 2300RPM

CA6DE2-20 147KW 2300RPM

CA6DE2-22 162KW 2300RPM

CA6DE2-24 177KW 2300RPM

To see more pictures please check this link on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/JRoUk47kijE

FAW DUETZ Engine Assembly

CA4DH1 Series, CA6DH Series, CA6DK1 Series, CA6DK2 Series, CA4DD3 Series, CA4DD1 Series, CA4DK1 Series, BF4M series, BF6M series, TCD2012 Series, TCD2013 Series.

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